True Movement® founder, Erin Baker was chosen to be in Edifys Top 40 under 40 , an exclusive list of exceptional Edmontonians who have earned recognition both nationally and internationally.

The True Movement Method® is a three dimensional movement system that focuses on stability, mobility and strength. Our certifications are formed around three fundamentals:

Performance, Posture, Mobility


Restoring Posture.

We will Identify 5 foundational biomechanical body awareness issues that provide the basis for the exercises in this module. We focus on stabilizing and aligning the body into its most optimal shock absorption position, as well as stabilizing muscles and joints, and identifying and activating the deep core muscles to create a strong foundation.

Increasing Mobility.

By creating space and length in the body, we can increase range of motion without sacrificing stability, resulting in injury prevention and overall less wear and tear on the body. In this module we introduce rolling through the joints, moving through multiple planes, shifting off centre and developing the neuromuscular patterns to increase efficiency.

Enhancing Performance

Once stability and mobility have been properly differentiated, implemented and achieved, we build strength through weight shifting. The True Movement Platform® strategically designed and built for durability, strength and endurance. High resistance springs are used which allows us to focus on lower body strength without overloading the joints.

We recognize that success and goals look different to everyone, and we are able to establish the appropriate programming and exercises for each client.

Identifying whether your client’s needs fall under stability, mobility, strength , or any combination of these, and then understanding which progressions and modifications are best suited for them, is what sets the True Movement Method® apart from the rest.

True Movement’s clientele includes athletes in the NFL, NHL, CFL, AHL, AJHL, WHL, NCAA, and ECHL.

Sports teams implementing the True Movement Method® with their in-season training program using team-branded True Movement Platforms, include North Dakota Hockey and Soccer, Omaha Hockey, Seattle Thunderbirds, and Spruce Grove Saints.