Own a Licensed True Movement® Studio

We are looking for health and wellness oriented entrepreneurs who want to own a True Movement Studio.

Expand Your Reach

True Movement is a leading innovator in the movement industry, and our unrivaled education and certification program will allow you to serve a very broad range of clientele. From rehabilitation to professional athletic conditioning, our scope of knowledge and service has True Movement in strong demand across North America.

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Why True Movement®?

True Movement® is a fast growing fitness phenomenon. Our goal is to help people live and move as pain free as possible.  Our three dimensional system incorporates stability, mobility and strength uniquely into one system. Starting from humble origins, TM has grown over the passed 15 years to become a well respected North American fitness brand.

As we look into the future, we remain committed to growing our business continuing to evolve as a leader in the movement industry.

Comprehensive Ongoing Support

We are here every step of the way to help our licensed partner studios achieve their business goals with True Movement. Our ongoing and continuous support starts from the moment you inquire about this opportunity and lasts throughout your journey with us as licensed True Movement® studio owners.

  • True Movement Mobile Device App for booking
  • Full induction program on True Movements systems, licensed studio management and training method
  • Evolving and ongoing training for marketing, sales, and business operations
  • True Movement Website contact page customized to your studio and other marketing and promotional assets