With over a decade of studying various movement methods, Erin Baker has created an exclusive formula of movements and exercises, which has positioned her as one of the leading movement experts, specializing in high performance functional movement and injury prevention for professional athletes.


Erin’s unique True Movement Method® focuses on and shows how this training methodology directly impacts the performance needs of the athlete, and dramatically helps with injury prevention, career longevity, and overall performance efficiency. Our method focuses on and helps athletes to…

  1. Train off Centre: As part of regular performance training, it is critical that athletes do not exclusively train on their centre, which is generally the case. With the True Movement Method® athletes learn how to open their ribs, strengthen their glutes, increase flexibility and gain more efficiency in the movements they are already doing on the ice, thereby dramatically reducing wear and tear on their bodies.
  2. Strengthening the Back of the Body:  Most athletes, especially hockey players, are quad dominate resulting in early back fatigue during competition, and consistent performance deterioration at the end of a regular shift. Our work with high performance athletes, has consistently shown that glute activation is a commonly missed issue among athletes, and the results are tight hip flexors and a sore back. We help restore posture and correct  these issues. Learning and making our practice a part of the athlete’s performance training plan, addresses these typical deficiencies and allows the athlete to achieve higher levels of performance and lose less time due to injuries and rehab.
  3. Balance, Posture & Stability: Improved strength and stability of feet and ankles promoting proper balance point, adductor, and lower abdominal connection, are some of the significant benefits for players who have integrated The True Movement Method® into their performance training plan. The True Movement Method® can dramatically enhance ankle stability, mobility and strength, critical components of a player’s ankle prehab or rehab strategy.
  4. Shoulder Stability & Alignment: The  True Movement Method®   is critical for anyone who has suffered a shoulder injury, or for anyone who would like to minimize that possibility. Shoulders take an enormous amount of impact, pressure and torque as part of regular competition and training. The True Movement Method® teaches players how to stabilize their shoulder blades, strengthen their whole shoulder girdle, and correct shoulder alignment issues that are starting to go up and forward. We work well with the athlete’s strength and conditioning coaches, adapting our program to harmonize with existing training plans.

Overall we make sure there is a well rounded program, focusing on our three pillars of Performance, Posture, and Mobility.


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