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True Movement Summer Conditioning Program

Starting with head placement and working down to the feet, it’s imperative that athletes understand how to stabilize first, and create length and space after.  Too often we see athletes increasing range of motion by sacrificing stability, which ultimately leads to injuries. Add in strength while minimizing compression, and we’ve been able to create a well rounded program to help achieve results in injury prevention, career longevity, and overall efficiency.



Restoring Posture

Bringing the body back to its ideal shock absorption position by strengthening stabilizer muscles, focusing on areas such as

  • Breath
  • Pelvic Placement
  • Ribcage stability
  • Glute Activation
  • Shoulder Blade stabilization
  • Abdominal activation ( deep core stabilizers to help support the lumbar spine and pelvis)
  • Feet/Ankle Stability

Increasing Mobility

Once stabilization has been achieved, we focus on increasing range of motion and length in the body. It’s important that specific muscles activate during specific movement patterns. It’s very common to be quad dominant, therefore we have a strong focus on widening and strengthening the back of the body. Other areas of focus are

  • Spinal Mobility
  • Ribcage Movement
  • Hip Mobility/Range Of Motion
  • Ankle/Feet Mobility
  • Shoulder Mobility/Range of Motion
  • Glute Activation (off centre, through movement)
  • Adductor Length
  • Hip Flexor Length
  • Hamstring Length

Weight shifting even 1/4 of an inch can alter what muscle groups are being used. Athletes need to be able to recruit the right muscles through a serious of movement patterns, in order to maximize efficiency.


Enhancing Performance

Increasing lower body strength and explosiveness, knee and ankle flexion, and working through the feet. This is an excellent way to increase lower body strength without added wear and tear on joints. Focuses include:

  • Double/Single Leg Presses in Parallel and Lateral Rotation
  • Squats without load on the lumbar spine and knees
  • Working on knee flexion/tracking,  achilles length and increasing strength of quads, glutes, ankles, and feet
  • Advancing all of the above to jumping (on your back)

We modify and progress these exercises to include side lying, on all fours kneeling, and more. Different spring tensions allow for a wide variety of programming to strengthen different muscle groups.  The lower body strength and cardio work is an athlete favourite!

May - September 2022 Conditioning

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