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New Package deals & Payment Plans available

  • Pre-book Garuda Foundation Matwork, Seated & Standing , Seated & Standing advanced and receive 15% off entire package  
    • + Barre Foundation and Barre advanced and receive 20% on all 5 courses
  • Pre-book Garuda Foam Roller, Brick, Sling, and Chair and receive 15% off entire package

Installment payments will begin following registration of package.

If you have taken courses or workshops previously, you are eligible for the discount. Packages must be completed within two years .


For further information & bookings please contact Erin Baker

Course Date Location
Brick (Graha) MAY 10-12 Edmonton, AB
Foundation Matwork May 10-15 Edmonton, AB
Sling (Tara) May 13-15 Edmonton, AB
Seated & Standing Matwork JUN 5-7, 12-14 Edmonton, AB
Apparatus A JUN 5-7, 12-14 Edmonton, AB
Sling (Tara) JUL 12-14 Edmonton, AB
Barre JUL 12-17 Edmonton, AB
Brick (Graha) JUL 15-17 Edmonton, AB
Seated & Standing Matwork AUG 9-14 Edmonton, AB
Apparatus B AUG 9-14 Edmonton, AB
Foam Roller - Edmonton, AB
Chair (Dhara) - Edmonton, AB

The mission of the Garuda Academy is about cultivating and promoting our students to move away from the traditional formulaic approach and embrace a new way of teaching, the Garuda way.

We strive to be innovative and are constantly evolving. This is one of our strengths. Besides giving our students a firm education in the physical arts, we are always challenging them to think outside the box. Our teachers are very much part of the Garuda family and we take pride in nurturing them along the way.

We have a range of courses to suit your every need, from short courses to intensive training programmes. All these are certified to a high level and are recognized by the Pilates Method Alliance for Continuing Education Credits.


The Garuda Method – Innovation in Motion

The Garuda Method is a step away from traditional and formulaic approaches to movement to a fluid and hybrid method using choreographed moves rooted in yoga, Pilates and dance.

The Garuda Method is both Mat and Apparatus based.

Mat training begins with the Foundation, progressing to Seated & Standing Matwork, Beginner and Advanced. Apparatus training begins with Foundation A & B, progressing onto the Series 1 and Series 2 syllabi.

We also offer professional development courses in Garuda Foundation Barre, Barre Advanced, Garuda Foam Roller, Garuda Brick, Garuda Sling, and Garuda Chair. You can take these modules in any order and at any time. No prior Garuda training is required for these courses.

We offer a range of courses, recognized by the Pilates Method Alliance for Continuing Education Credits