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Keith Weber

As a physiotherapist, I am a strong proponent of Pilates as a complete exercise system. It is great to have a facility like True Movement to send my patients to and know they will be trained in a safe, effective manner in a friendly, professional, and supportive environment. I have very successful patient outcomes working together with Erin and her staff at True Pilates over the past several years. The systems at True Pilates including Garuda and Gyrotonics/Gyrokinesis are world-class and typically only seen in larger centers such as London and New York City. We are extremely fortunate to have such a sophisticated and highly effective training system used by professional athletes and ballet companies right here in Red Deer.

On a personal note, I trained at True Movement for several months as part of my training for Ironman Canada. The exercises I did at True Pilates quickly revealed the reason as to why I suffered from back and neck pain during my long rides and runs. After only a couple sessions I could feel the improvement in my posture, core strength, and flexibility. I am happy to report that I felt none of the typical pains I had grown accustomed to over the years during the Ironman competition. My recovery was also astonishingly quick, I believe due to the correct alignment of my anatomical structures during the race.

I fully endorse True Pilates and truly appreciate the skills, knowledge, and professionalism I have experienced while working together with them personally and professionally.