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Dr. Norman H. Hoffman

It has been my pleasure to know and train with Erin Baker of True Movement for about the last year and I can state with utter confidence that I am truly impressed. From a clinical perspective, I have referred several patients to her studio for core muscle improvement. Rather than focus on the raw strength of a few core muscle, or worse yet, claim to be a core exercise when it truly isn't, my experience has shown me that her Pilates routines allow for the activation, coordination and cerebellar integration of all core muscle groups. This methodology results in better brain function and improved posture in a way that no other approach achieves.

Personally, I have benefitted greatly from training with Erin. Her personal care, attention to detail, individualized approach, positive attitude and genuineness encouraged me to keep up my training and even bring my daughter to help her with her muscle control, coordination and posture. I have nothing but the highest regard for Erin and would heartily recommend her without reservation.