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Deb Wald

I travelled to Red Deer to spend a month (4 sessions per week) working with Erin to correct a gait issue that had developed in my right leg, to the extent that, at times, I was unable to even walk a city block without experiencing pain.

During our first session, Erin identified a couple of things we started to work on right away, and then quickly assessed the problem areas we most needed to focus on. Concentrating our sessions on these areas over the course of the month, we watched as my body responded to the program and became stronger, sometimes noticeably so from one day to the next! The Garuda equipment was a joy to become acquainted with and is amazing for how easily adaptable it is to perform a range of movements.

Erin guided me through the whole process professionally and expertly. With her encouragement, I was also able to push through some fears about whether I could physically do what she was asking me to—and that’s when we really saw results!

I am ecstatic to be back on track to my previous level of fitness and forever grateful to Erin for getting me there!