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We are the first Garuda® and Pilates Studio in Canada, as well as the host Studio for Teacher Trainings.

True Movement, originally named True Pilates, started out solely as a Pilates Studio, focusing on body awareness and stabilization training. Throughout my years in the Pilates world, I learned about GYROTONIC®. I loved that it incorporated three dimensional movement, as well as several other elements, and I certified in Gyrotonic levels 1 & 2, and Gyrokinesis.

In 2011, while continuing my Gyro training, I was introduced to James D’Silva, and was completely inspired! I felt that Garuda was the perfect combination of Pilates, Gyrotonic, and several other methods, leaving the body strengthened, lengthened, worked, and open, all at the same time! After certifying in both Matwork and Apparatus, I was excited to start teaching this in the Red Deer studio. The feedback was amazing, and the clients loved the familiarity of pilates, with the addition of fluidity and spirals. Shortly after, we brought James to our Red Deer location, certifying all our instructors in Garuda Matwork and Apparatus. With the rapidly growing success of the studio, I soon realized a second location would be needed in Edmonton, where we could spread more awareness and others could reap the rewards of GARUDA®.

We have a great working relationship with Chiropractors, Active Release Therapists, and Physiotherapists, who also realized quickly that the GARUDA®Method can help their patients, as seen in the testimonials section. This has resulted in the growing clientele of post injury clients, several professional sports teams, Olympic Athletes, as well the Chinese National Figure Skating Team in 2016. Our clients receive the most beneficial, innovative knowledge to help them achieve a strong, pain free, open body. Regardless of age, and fitness level, our studio is for everyone. When we can create more space in your body, it allows you to move more at ease, taking the compression off your spine. It lets you perform your favorite tasks more efficiently, whether that be a professional sport, or regular day to day activities. The body responds extremely well and results are seen quickly.

Our instructors share a strong passion for movement, and are continuously educating themselves so they are using only the most favourable exercises to help achieve success for their clients. I’m continuously working with James, and am thrilled to be the Canadian Master Trainer for the GARUDA®Method, offering several courses per year, which can be found in the teacher training section.

Erin Baker
Owner and founder