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Kate Leung

Kate has always been passionate about fitness and nutrition and that led her to taking Pilates classes with Erin Baker. When Erin offered an Agatsu Kettlebells certification in her studio she jumped at the chance to learn something new and ended up teaching classes in her basement!! She enjoyed teaching so much that when Erin offered the Garuda Matwork and Apparatus A courses in her former Red Deer studio she took them and started introducing her clients to the Garuda movement and loved the results they got in the way their bodies could move without pain while increasing their strength and...

Cynthia McLaren Lloyd

Once a little girl twirling non-stop in the garden, Cyndy changed costumes and environments, but has never stopped moving.  Happiest when set to music, her early dance career began in Nova Scotia, with Halifax Dance Association, with further training at the National Ballet School, City Ballet of Toronto, Les Grands Ballet Canadians. After graduating from Alberta Ballet School's professional program she began her career with Alberta Ballet Company, touring throughout Canada and the Northern United States.

After retiring from dancing Cyndy enrolled in the Teacher Training...

Amy Cozens

Amy comes from a dancer background and currently teaches dance!! She earned her Kinesiology Diploma and from there was certified in Pilates Mat and Reformer, Garuda Matwork and Apparatus A and TRX. Amy has been teaching Pilates for over 10 years and Garuda for over 5 years!! Amy loves keeping active and being outdoors with her husband and three children. They love to camp in the summer and snowboard in the winter!!

Ashley Blohm

Ashley has been an AFLCA instructor for over 6 years! She is certified in Spin, Kettlebells, TRX and Group Fitness! She has a long Childcare background and works in schools as an Educational Assistant! She is passionate about moving and challenging our bodies, hearts and minds to achieve lifelong improvements! She truly believes that fitness is a journey and each season brings on new goals and challenges! Ashley is also excited to add Garuda to her repertoire!

Char Gilbert

Char has been teaching for over 10 years with a wide range of certifications including Agatsu Kettlebells, TRX, Spin, Group Fitness and Personal Training. She believes that fitness should be fun and rewarding but we should also push ourselves to exceed our potential and our limits.

Jamie Longman

When you look back at the life you have lived you realize that every challenge and every opportunity has been created by your own outlook and perspective. Through movement Jamie has come to understand the ebbs an flows of that journey and realized that through movement she has created a positive sense of discipline and integrity. She teaches with a sense of calm and understanding but asks each and every mover to focus their minds on improving their intrinsic strength and harmony to help promote a more positive extrinsic perspective. With that said get ready to stretch, to flow, and to...

Nikki Adrian

Nikki is an AFLCA instructor who is certified in Group Fitness, TRX and step choreography. She believes in creating a community of likeminded individuals who continue to motivate an inspire to push one another to their full potential for everyday functional fitness. She finds it most rewarding to be a part of someone else’s healthy success story. Along with being a mother of three, Nikki also has her Bachelor of Education degree and looks forward to continuing to learn and grow with those around her. Nikki is excited to add Garuda to her repertoire.