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Pilates Method Alliance Mat and Equipment Certified
Grant MacEwan Dance Diploma

Fascinated with the human body communicating through movement, Raena has built a 17 year career as a dance artist, choreographer and movement instructor. She has premiered 12 choreographic works in Alberta receiving the Brian Webb Dance Company Award in 2000 and the Edmonton Artists Trust Fund Award in 2012. In 2004 Raena completed her Pilates Method Certification in Mat, Small Props and Equipment as Pilates had dramatically increased her power and resiliency as a dancer. 

Raena has trained in exercise methods including Keller Method Body Rolling, Reflexology and Yin Yoga. She is currently completing her 200 hour Hatha Yoga Certification. Teaching over the past 13 years through the city of Edmonton, University of Alberta and various studios, Raena has built a large client base who are devoted to her style of progressive Pilates focusing on conditioning for a strong, pain-free body. It is a pleasure to witness both injury prevention and rehabilitation in her students. Raena believes her keen interest in intelligent exercise has not only strengthened her abilities as a performer, but has also helped her rehabilitate her back after an injury she suffered in 2012. 

It was her back injury that led her to research Garuda. Taking off where Pilates ends, Garuda has excited both the artist and teacher in Raena. She holds her Foundational Matwork, Foundational Apparatus, Barre, Chair, Seated Standing Matwork and Series One Apparatus certification through Garuda’s brilliant founder, James D’Silva. She connects much of her recent artistic creativity to the fluid, full-bodied movement in the Garuda system. She loves to share her enthusiasm for progressive movement to both dancers and non-dancers alike and is delighted to be involved with the True Movement team!