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Competitive Swim Coach

Meg’s journey into the world of fitness started during her 15 years of training as a synchronized swimmer. During this time she competed and medalled several times nationally and internationally alongside her duet partner and twin sister Samara (also a true movement instructor).

Her love for fitness eventually evolved from a singular passion for her sport to one encompassing all aspects of athleticism - wellness through fitness and self-love became a primary goal. With these values in mind, Meg is driven to help people find their own passion for fitness; she is a certified Essentrics instructor, as well as a newly certified Garuda Apparatus instructor. She plans to be fully Garuda certified in the near future. Many of Meg’s other hobbies and interests all run along the same wellness vein. She is a synchronized swimming coach and master’s athlete, she runs a small, vegan skincare business with her sister, and she is in the midst of completing her apprenticeship as a practical herbalist. Meaghan is looking forward to becoming a part of this amazing True Movement team and is so excited to be able to add her own style of teaching to the mix!