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All our instructors are certifed in Garuda Matwork and Apparatus, and are continuously educating themselves so they are using only the most favourable exercises to help achieve success for their clients. Founder Erin Baker is continuously working with Garuda® founder James D’Silva, and is the Canadian Master Trainer for the GARUDA®Method.  Erin offers several teacher training courses per year.

Erin Baker
Erin Baker

After participating in STOTT PILATES® for years, Erin decided that she wanted to help create awareness and help others to realize the potential and see the results that Pilates brings to the body.

Erin has completed her STOTT PILATES® training in various places, including Winnipeg, MB, Toronto, ON and Calgary, AB. With her Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Ladder Barrel training, she is able to give you a fun, balanced and challenging workout, specifically designed for your body. She has a very energetic teaching style and loves to motivate clients to reach...

Tamara Bliss

Tamara Bliss is originally from Washington State, and for 18 years, danced and taught professionally throughout the United States. Dance companies she worked with included Metro Theatre Circus of St. Louis, Lynne Wimmer and Dancers of Salt Lake City & Philadelphia, Waves Jazz Dance of Philadelphia. In New York City, she danced with Peter Pucci Plus, Ed Henry, Matthew Diamond Dance and Rachel Lampert and Dancers.

Ms. Bliss taught in the faculties of Marymount Manhattan College and the 92nd Street YM/YWHA, (both NYC) and the School of the Pennsylvania Ballet, Philadelphia. From...

Samara Hipkin

Sam’s background in fitness and wellness stems primarily from her fifteen year career as a high level synchronized swimmer, during which time she competed and medalled with her twin sister Meaghan (also a True Movement instructor!) nationally and internationally several times.

During her training, cross training activities included everything from ballet to boxing and eventually yoga became a large part of her regime. This played a large part in driving her interest in learning more about different aspects of fitness and wellness . Now, as a retired athlete, her interests and...

Bonnie Parkes

Bonnie has been teaching yoga since 2008. She an 200hr ERT and 500hr YT certified instructor with training in Yin Yoga, Rocket Yoga, Vinyasa Flow/Power Yoga, pre/post natal Yoga, meditation and techniques in myofacial release. Through the practice of Yoga she has come to understand that the mind, body and spirit are deeply intertwined and when one is out of balance the others will be out of balance. Bonnie has completed her Apparatus A Garuda Certification, and her Yoga and Garuda classes will focus on mindful movement of the body and awareness of breath. Her objective is to guide...

Kavanah Robinson

Having been involved with physical fitness and the wellness of the mind and the body for her whole life, Kavanah’s new found passion for the practice of Garuda extends from her years of experience as a dancer and high performance athlete. For 11 years she competed nationally and internationally as a synchronized swimmer, performing on various teams that were recognized on the podium many times.

Due to the demands of being a high performance synchronized swimmer, a rigorous cross training program was necessary so alongside her synchro career, she participated in competitive...

Maura Sutherland

Maura O. Sutherland, BA(Hon), LLB, has been dancing for over 30 years with a focus on various modern contemporary techniques. She attended Victoria High School (now Victoria School of the Arts) and the Grant MacEwan Dance Program. She was a long-term member of the Orchesis Dance Group at the University of Alberta during and after the completion of her Arts and Law degrees. Through that group, Maura has had numerous performance and choreographic opportunities.

Today, while Maura spends most of her time practicing law, she continues to stay connected with the Edmonton dance...

Morgan Thiessen

Morgans STOTT PILATES® career began with her passion for dance. As a graduate of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet school, throughout her training and performing she found that Pilates was the most excellent and targeted way to prevent injuries and strengthen her body. She is currently dancing with Edmonton’s own Citie Ballet.

After six years of training in with Pilates Trainer Center owner Monique Lavoie, she decided to take her passion for Pilates to the next level, and become a certified instructor. Morgan completed her mat and reformer STOTT PILATES® courses....

Raena Waddell
Raena Waddell

Fascinated with the human body communicating through movement, Raena has built a 17 year career as a dance artist, choreographer and movement instructor. She has premiered 12 choreographic works in Alberta receiving the Brian Webb Dance Company Award in 2000 and the Edmonton Artists Trust Fund Award in 2012. In 2004 Raena completed her Pilates Method Certification in Mat, Small Props and Equipment as Pilates had dramatically increased her power and resiliency as a dancer. 

Raena has trained in exercise methods including Keller Method Body Rolling, Reflexology and Yin Yoga. She is...

Meaghan Hipkin

Meg’s journey into the world of fitness started during her 15 years of training as a synchronized swimmer. During this time she competed and medalled several times nationally and internationally alongside her duet partner and twin sister Samara (also a true movement instructor).

Her love for fitness eventually evolved from a singular passion for her sport to one encompassing all aspects of athleticism - wellness through fitness and self-love became a primary goal. With these values in mind, Meg is driven to help people find their own passion for fitness; she is a certified...