The GYROTONIC® Expansion System was invented by Juliu Horvath, A Romanian dancer, swimmer, gymnast and yogi. The equipment is a handcrafted wooden machine, that uses pulley, spring, friction and weighted resistance. The exercises allow you to achieve simultaneous strength and flexibility, for all walks of life. It is the best mind-body-spirit exercise available.

GYROTONIC® helps to increase the functional capacity of the spine, contributing to a spherical and three dimensional awareness which results in increased equilibrium throughout the body. It combines the power and energetic force of tai chi and martial arts, the flexibility and internal focus of yoga, the core conditioning and posture improvement of pilates and the body sculpt of weight training, to name a few! While it strengthens and lengthens your muscles, it also massages the internal organs, and detoxifies the body. It is continuous resistance while arching, curling, and spiraling the spine.

Benefits of GYROTONIC® include posture improvement, weight control, stress and tension release, improving joint mobility and range of motion, increasing circulation and mind body awareness, rehabilitating injury, building functional strength which leads to improved athletic performance, and increasing stamina and immune system function.

GYROTONIC® will currently be trained in a one-to-one atmosphere.