Keith Weber

As a physiotherapist, I am a strong proponent of Pilates as a complete exercise system. It is great to have a facility like True Pilates to send my patients to and know they will be trained in a safe, effective manner in a friendly, professional, and supportive environment. I have very successful patient outcomes working together with Erin and her staff at True Pilates over the past several years. The systems at True Pilates including Garuda and Gyrotonics/Gyrokinesis are world-class and typically only seen in larger centers such as London and New York City.

Deb Wald

I travelled to Red Deer to spend a month (4 sessions per week) working with Erin to correct a gait issue that had developed in my right leg, to the extent that, at times, I was unable to even walk a city block without experiencing pain.

Dr. Norman H. Hoffman

It has been my pleasure to know and train with Erin Baker of True Pilates for about the last year and I can state with utter confidence that I am truly impressed. From a clinical perspective, I have referred several patients to her studio for core muscle improvement. Rather than focus on the raw strength of a few core muscle, or worse yet, claim to be a core exercise when it truly isn't, my experience has shown me that her Pilates routines allow for the activation, coordination and cerebellar integration of all core muscle groups.